DBV-Technologies is developing a whole range of products to fight allergies

DBV Technologies could soon be a household name if it continues to develop its range of very promising-looking anti-allergy products. From its headquarters in France, just outside Paris, this research company has been busy working on a number of different products under the

DBV technologies’ technicians are working hard on the Viaskin peanut patch

Source: http://www.dbv-technologies.com

name of Viaskin, which amongst other things, offer hope for paediatric allergy sufferers. Many people who are affected by allergies are young children, with this being particularly a case in point with those suffering from cows’ milk protein allergy. This tends to die out when children get older, but can still cause a lot of distress during their younger years. Developed amidst high-tech surroundings (see below), Viaskin is a patch that’s applied to the patient’s arm and worn for as long as desired. To date, it has also been produced in hens’ egg and peanut versions. It works by introducing small quantities of allergens into the patient’s body in such a way as to avoid triggering a serious allergic reaction, but rather enabling the body to get used to the allergen. This process is called desensitization.

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